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Louisiana and other states are tough on crime and offenders. For those charged with DUI or DWI, the rule still applies and the help of a DWI/DUI Lawyer New Orleans is truly imperative. But what exactly constitutes driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI)?

DUI/DWI is a criminal offense characterized by driving or operating a motor vehicle during which the person is under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, including doctor-prescribed medications. DUI / DWI can also be referred to as drinking and driving, drunk driving, drunken driving, impaired driving or operating under the influence. In alcohol-related instances, the degree of drunkenness is calculated through the blood alcohol content (BAC). A reading of 0.05% to 0.08% BAC marks a DUI/DWI crime right away without having to confirm the level of impairment.

DUI/DWI is among the most common crimes in America, including Louisiana, and carries a punishment of community service, fines, imprisonment, probation extension, and suspension or revocation of license and motor vehicle. A DUI/DWI conviction can have significant life-changing and undesirable consequences. For first-time DUI offenders in Louisiana, penalties include alcohol lectures, community service, fines, suspension of license and sometimes jail time. Repeat DUI offenses can bring about worse punishments, and for three and up convictions, it is the state penitentiary for the guilty.

  • Get help with your drunk driving case from our trusted DUI/DWI lawyers in New Orleans LA
  • Our attorneys are here to help establish your DUI case and present a defense on your behalf
  • We have been at the forefront of helping alcohol-related cases to clients in the city and surrounding areas

If you are accused of drunk driving in Jefferson Parish, Metairie, and New Orleans, you do not have to be defenseless against the relentless assault of the prosecution. You are entitled to have the DUI Lawyer New Orleans working on your case, and at CPRS Legal Network, we are fully committed to defending your freedom, privileges, records, and rights.

With our expertise in Louisiana laws on DUI/DWI, invaluable experiences in litigation, vast resources, and unmatched personal touch, we will work hand in hand with you in building a formidable case in court. We are known as a trusted DUI/DWI Law Firm in New Orleans LA. We are aggressive and passionate in our services without compromising ethical judgment. At CPRS Legal Network, our pool of DWI lawyers are highly skilled with a heart. Knowing that you are facing one of the most difficult times in your life, we always give it our best at providing strategic legal solutions according to the law.

At all times, we make it our goal to give you an advantage and the best results. A DUI Lawyer New Orleans from CPRS Legal Network is your best bet.

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