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CPRS Legal Network: New Orleans DUI & DWI Attorneys at your Service

Driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI) is a serious crime in the state of Louisiana, and an individual charged with any crime faces a mountain of complications.

In any US county or jurisdiction, the prosecution offices possess an unequalled arsenal of reserves at their disposal. In Louisiana, the case is no different, especially in the Metairie, New Orleans and Jefferson Parish areas. The New Orleans prosecution employs and retains its own expert witnesses, sleuths and specialists on staff. The prosecution is in league with the police departments, sheriffs’ departments and the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles across these three areas. The Louisiana State Troopers, the Attorney General’s Office and so many other government and public bureaux are also closely and professionally in touch with the prosecutors of Jefferson Parish, Metairie and New Orleans. This means that they have the power to acquire access to almost all the resources they deem necessary to bring down DUI / DWI offenders as well as other people charged with criminal actions.

For any private citizen charged with a crime, including DUI or DWI, the chances are looking grim for you once the government’s doubts set in. With nothing but your nest egg which you have painstakingly saved for rainy days, you are truly at the losing end in the process of setting up your defensive case. Your slim resources against the prosecution’s battery of assets can be daunting, but with the most sensible use of what little you have, you’ll have the strongest case in your hands to fight the prosecution with. In Louisiana, particularly in Metairie, New Orleans and Jefferson Parish, securing legal support at the very onset of your allegations is your most prudent decision.

CPRS Legal Network is here to close the wide divide between the prosecutors and you. What we at CPRS Legal Network can do for you as the accused and a private citizen is to provide the strongest legal representation in your DUI and DWI charges. With our collective all-encompassing experiences, unparalleled skill and technique in litigation, scopes of expertise and practice, much sought-after resources and personal touch, we deliver superlative legal services to give you the advantage you deserve and need.

New Orleans DUI and DWI Attorney Services: Get Help Now!

 We provide an aggressive, ingenious approach to tackling DMV hearings in Jefferson Parish, Metairie and New Orleans. Regardless of the workup done—blood and breath tests, urinalysis and other examinations—to stack against your case, we are passionate about your DUI and DWI defense and will exhaust every possible means to defend your freedom and rights.

Working with us will give you the distinct leverage you need to take on the prosecution’s case against you. More often than not, it is all about technicalities, but with a specialist of DUI and DWI laws on your side, you are guaranteed of a greater chance of having your charges dropped. Our lawyers are always on your corner when you have no one else.


Our legal network is composed of an eclectic team of top-notch criminal defense litigators across Louisiana.


Majority of legal debacles we come across are sudden, maddening and thorny but should be taken care of immediately.


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