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New Orleans CPRS Legal Network

DWI & DUI Attorneys

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DUI Defense Specialist Attorneys serving New Orleans, Louisiana Area

A person accused of a crime in New Orleans, Louisiana has many difficult choices to make.

Prosecutors in New Orleans and Metairie have the resources no individual can match. New Orleans & Jefferson Parish prosecutors have their own investigators, expert witnesses on staff, the Louisiana State Troopers and Orleans Parish Police Department, various Orleans & Jefferson Police Departments, the Orleans and Jefferson Parish Sheriffs' Departments, the Department of Motor Vehicles Driver Safety Offices which both have offices throughout New Orleans, Metairie, and Jefferson Parish, the Attorney General's Office, and many other public agencies throughout New Orleans. Orleans & Jefferson Parish prosecutors can access virtually any resource they require to fight any DUI, DWI or Criminal Case.

As a private party, if you stand accused, you have nothing but your own hard-earned savings to use to mount your New Orleans Criminal, DWI, or DUI defense. From the moment an individual falls under the government's suspicion, this difference in resources places the accused person at a significant disadvantage against the prosecutors. Only the wisest use of your resources has the potential to level the field with the New Orleans Prosecutors. Experience has shown that hiring counsel as early as possible in the legal process is the wisest choice an accused person can make whether in New Orleans, Metairie, or Jefferson Parish. lawyers aim to narrow the gap by fellow members of The Private Defenders of Louisiana, with a supportive network of Criminal Defense attorneys with varied experiences, areas of expertise, perspectives, experience and resources that can be collectively used to greatly increase the quality of services our New Orleans and Metairie DUI and DWI Specialists provide.

Some of our services include:

Aggressive defense of DMV hearings by a DUI Specialist, DUI's or Drunk Driving Cases (read the McNeal Case), whether based on breath tests or blood tests and all Criminal Cases including Murder and Watson Murder Cases defended by a DUI Specialist, and related crimes in Metairie, Kenner, & New Orleans as well as White Collar crimes including Embezzlement.

When you retain legal network, you know you are receiving the resources of a network of attorneys committed to the Defense of the accused. Many times, the evidence is actually circumstantial evidence, which must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, a common loophole that prosecutors use.


Our legal network is composed of an eclectic team of top-notch criminal defense litigators across Louisiana.


Majority of legal debacles we come across are sudden, maddening and thorny but should be taken care of immediately.


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