What to Do When Arrested in New Orleans for Second DUI Offense

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Arrested in New Orleans for DUI the Second Time Around?

Contact the best lawyers in New Orleans at CPRS Legal Network. We are also serving the residents of Louisiana’s Jefferson Parish and Metairie.

Facing a second DUI conviction entails more snags for the defendant. This time, he/she faces worse penalties, counting community service, prolonged probation period, fines, suspension or revocation of driver’s license, and jail time. To help you get back on your feet, the CPRS Legal Network comes in with its team of excellent DUI attorneys New Orleans can proudly call their very own.

Regardless of the number of offenses you have, we at CPRS Legal Network can help you. Concentrating our area of practice on DUI/DWI charges, we offer the best DUI legal representation in Louisiana’s Metairie, New Orleans and Jefferson Parish areas.

Why We’re The Best When Arrested In New Orleans

We have amassed the resources, expertise, experience and technical skills to come up with the most advantageous methods to obtain positive results for our clients. Of the top law firms New Orleans has, we stand out because of the personal touch we extend to our clients and the commitment to excellence we have for each case we tackle. The other law firms in New Orleans can give you great legal services as well, but we are among the best when it comes to customer satisfaction and litigation success rates.

At your Louisiana Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) hearing, we at CPRS Legal Network house the top New Orleans attorneys to have your back and will present paramount arguments to deter the imposition of tougher penalties on you.

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