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Hiring attorneys in New Orleans from CPRS Law will ensure that you receive the best defense possible in all of New Orleans. We’re experienced and know many ways to help your DWI, DUI, drug, vehicle or traffic offense. If you don’t see a service you need, give us a call at (504) 332-0295 to discuss any other charges that might be filed against you.

  • Available legal services in New Orleans ranging from traffic defense to DWI cases
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  • Helping clients defend their cases in court for many years
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Although DUIs are incredibly common over the entire United States, the punishments given for a DUI can have a negative impact on your life for years. If found guilty of driving under the influence, you will be facing some incredibly high fees and possibly worse.

Drug Related Offense

Did you know drug and DUI charges can be filed against you if you’re found to be operating your vehicle under the influence of prescription medication? If you ever find yourself facing that or any other drug-related charges, contact CPRS Law attorneys in New Orleans immediately as you’ll need a lawyer to handle your case.

Second DUI Offense

If you thought getting a DUI was bad enough, receiving a second DUI charge can, and will, be an absolute nightmare. With a second one in New Orleans, Metairie, or Jefferson parish, you’re risking spending time in jail and having much more serious charges added to your list of crimes.

Vehicle/License Forfeiture

Sure, you can live your life without a driver’s licence or your vehicle, but it makes things incredibly more difficult. Especially if you have a family, taking public transportation with kids to do something we usually take for granted, like grocery shopping, becomes a difficult task. Our attorneys in New Orleans will fight for your right to keep your license and vehicle.

Traffic Offenses

Whether you have been charged with speeding, running through a stop sign, ignoring a traffic signal or any other number of traffic offenses that may have been thrown your way, we will help you argue against the charges, often leading to eliminated fees and dropped charges.

Breathalyzer Refusal Cases

Just by denying a breathalyzer test, your Louisiana driver’s licence can be suspended for six months. However, in some situations, that might be the better option when possibly facing getting charged with a DWI.

No matter what you’re up against from the above list, you’re going to need attorneys in New Orleans and here at CPRS LAW, you are only guaranteed the best.