Louisiana on Driving under the Influence

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These days, it is so very easy to procure alcoholic beverages and drugs, and having them in your system just makes it so much easier to throw away your inhibitions and act more outrageously and recklessly. With high levels of alcohol and drugs coursing through your veins, maybe you just feel the need to go driving to prove your invincibility. Perhaps you will only be a little out of it, come out fine and not cause any lasting or major harm. After all, it is only a short drive to your house. Nobody will get hurt, right?

Driving under the influence is a serious issue that every US state faces. In Louisiana as in other states, it becomes a criminal offense to drive or operate a vehicle if you have a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08% or greater. However, Louisiana enforces lower BAC limits for drivers under 21 and professional drivers.

The DUI law in Louisiana encompasses both alcohol and drugs, and punishments for alcohol-related DUI are the same as those for drug-linked DUI. In line with this, the drugs involved in DUI cases are amphetamines, barbiturates, marijuana, tranquilizers and prescription drugs, including antihistamines, narcotics, opioids and others.

In the state of Louisiana, the degree of impairment caused by alcohol consumption or drug intake depends on many factors. Each person is unique. Body size and weight, metabolism, number of drinks, sex and tolerance are contributing factors in verifying how impaired a person is that he/she cannot safely drive or operate a motor vehicle. There are people who can still have complete control over their faculties despite having imbibed a large amount of alcohol while others may already be feeling vile over a small shot of it.

In addition, several investigations have been conducted revealing that there are individuals whose blood alcohol content could shoot up to 0.05% per every drink downed. From this, it can be concluded that to be arbitrated as legally drunk, it only requires quite a small amount of alcohol to achieve the 0.08% threshold. At the other end of the scale, prescription drugs have become a sensitive subject in DUI cases.

One would usually hear about and expect recreational drugs being implicated in DUI allegations, but those medications prescribed by your doctor can also produce the same effect. If you are taking a drug that can render you unsafe to go behind the wheel, do not drive.

Louisiana laws can be exceptionally harsh on lawbreakers, and DUI offenders are no exception. It only takes a little slip to land yourself in jail or worse—injure or kill others in your lapse in judgment. For those who are planning to be “high” today, just stay in one place or ask a sober, designated driver to take you home. Be safe so that everyone will be, too.

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