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Drugs, illegal or prescribed, are also implicated in DUI cases. Driving under the influence of drugs is a serious offense in the state of Louisiana – and you will definitely need a DUI attorney New Orleans services. These substances can cause blurred vision, drowsiness, hallucinations, impaired judgment, lethargy, lowered inhibitions and other adverse reactions which can greatly diminish one’s focus and judgment required in driving or operating a motor vehicle.

As such, the affected individual is a grave threat not only to himself but also to other people. Examples of illegal drugs include cocaine, heroin, marijuana, and others. Prescribed medications include antihistamines, narcotics, opioids, and others.

In Louisiana, drug-related DUI cases can often result in casualties, and a conviction presages a multitude of sentences like fines, suspending or revoking of driver’s license, and jail time. A strong defense for the accused can, therefore, make the difference between freedom or reduced punishments, and incarceration.

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For this reason, many trusted New Orleans DUI/DWI attorneys have generated aspires to work at the CPRS Legal Network in order to serve the Jefferson Parish, Metairie and New Orleans communities, particularly the accused. At CPRS Legal Network, we believe that everybody has the right to avail the services of the best DUI lawyer New Orleans can offer to safeguard his/her rights when facing indictments, specializing in DUI/DWI litigations.

Criminal lawyers in New Orleans are extremely competent and cunning, and here at CPRS Legal Network, you have several options for that one special DWI lawyer New Orleans can be truly proud of. We have the heart to match our acumen and dedication on building your strongest DUI defense before the tribunal. We are also known to be a reliable DUI law firm in New Orleans LA, so you are sure you are in good hands.

To win your case in a court of law, CPRS Legal Network is aggressive, systematic and thorough. Our New Orleans criminal defense attorneys are among the cream of the crop nationwide with matchless dexterity, experience and know-how of Louisiana laws governing DUI/DWI.

We are armed with the necessary resources to be on even ground with the prosecutors. Best of all, we serve with a personal touch, caring for our clients as persons with rights. No wonder other lawyers  want to join our law firm in New Orleans. Other New Orleans law firms may not be so keen to put aside their own ends to make you top priority.

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