CPRS Criminal Defense Attorneys New Orleans

DUI criminal defense lawyers New Orleans

DUI New Orleans Criminal Defense Attorneys

Our legal network is composed of an eclectic team of top-notch criminal defense litigators across Louisiana. Having received their Juris Doctorate from the most reputable law schools in the US and with the highest honors accorded to them, our New Orleans Criminal Defense Attorneys are more than capable of handling criminal cases in both state and federal courts, high profile or otherwise. All our lawyers are specialized in Louisiana’s laws, particularly criminal statutes. This is a joint effort of all lawyers within our network, initiated and geared towards giving those accused of DUI/DWI or crimes in general the best legal representation in the court of law.

  • Our firm houses reliable crime litigators armed with the negotiation skills and trial experiences to help you and your family defend your case
  • Our trusted attorneys in New Orleans help clients and their families through complicated legal processes
  • We are geared towards helping our clients in Louisiana gain the right settlement for their cases

Based in New Orleans and serving the communities of Metairie and Jefferson Parish as well, we maintain our goal of providing the accused with an excellent pool of resources, leveling the field with the New Orleans Prosecutors. Our services do not start nor end in the courtroom. Our New Orleans Criminal Defense Attorneys extend a personal touch to every case we handle, understanding each of our clients before we even sit down and talk about the case with them.

New Orleans Criminal Defense Attorneys Professional Strategies

Conducting independent investigations, building up a strong and solid defense, and taking a highly aggressive, perceptive stance are just the beginning of our professional strategy in court. We understand that an event such as an arrest or a criminal charge can be life-shattering. Thus, as much as we can, we offer our assistance in picking up the pieces, referring our clients to the appropriate channels—counselling, therapy and occupational support—to help resume their lives as seamlessly as possible.

From the moment you come to us, we will take care of your legal needs. With over 65 years of combined legal experience in criminal defense, diverse areas of expert practice, a gamut of perspectives and first-rate resources, we are the best New Orleans Criminal Defense Attorneys to be in your corner. We are extremely proud of our name, conscripting only the best of the best criminal defense litigators that Louisiana has to offer.